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The relationship with Békesszentandrás goes back to the 18th century. In 1769 81 families from Békesszentandrás arrived to the plain of Hegyes, thus founding what is now Kishegyes. Békesszentandrás and Kishegyes started their regular contacts 200 years after the settlement, in 1969, which they made official in 1988 when they became twin towns


 The contacts with Isaszeg were established at the celebration commemorating the battle of Isaszeg.


There are many common features and links between the two settlements. Kishegyes lays in the Telecska hills, Isaszeg in the  Gödöllő hills  , Kishegyes on the Krivaja, Isaszeg on the Rákospatak stream


Kelebia and Kishegyes connected with reference to Dombos Fest, and the real relationship of twin towns started developing between the two settlements. The contract of twin towns was signed by the leaders of the villages on 11 December 2004, on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Kelebia. They agreed upon a relationship which would enhance collaboration in the fields of social life, economy, culture, education, sports, tourism and environment

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