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Association of Hunters "Pheasant"

Manager: Sandor Katai
Address: 70 Fő utca (Main Street)
Phone: +381 24 730098



Women`s Forum of Kishegyes

The Women’s Forum of Kishegyes was founded on 17 October 2002 as a non-profit, apolitical organization. 32 women took part in the inagural meeting. Currently it has 52 members. The working plan, the tasks and the aims of the organization were laid down by a 13-member governing board.

The main forms of the activities are: social education of children and youth, helping the elderly, employement of the disabled, improvement of the social conditions of women, implementation of projects and collaboration with other non-governmental organizations.

The main task of the Forum is the improvement of women’s social conditions in the village, enhancing their social participation and providing their health education. Their participation in various seminars and their education improves their self-confidence and the recognition of their own values.

The main aim of the committee for the implementation of projects and the collaboration with other NGOs is to inform the organization about applications, work out projects, and establish contact with similar NGOs and lobby. The committee for the care of the elderly organizes support of elderly people who live alone. We try to make the life of our grandparents happier and easier through humanitarian work. The committee that cares for children and youth set its aim to revitalize various sport and cultural activities that young people are interested in. It organizes activities where children can feel the collective mindedness, accept otherness and learn about tolerance. Within the framework of the project “Értük – Értünk” (“For them – for us”), the committee that cares for the disabled set itself a task to socialize the handicapped children. In collaboration with the committee for children and youth the aim is to make disabled children gradually accepted by their peers.

Petőfi Sándor Culture center

The oldest folk dance assembly is called Rizgetős, and it celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005. They perform every year at the festival of Hungarian folk dances of Vojvodina, called Gyöngyösbokréta. They are considered as one of the ten best folk dance assemblies. They have been performing in the country and abroad. In 2005 they took part for the first time in the National Presentation of Folk Dancers in Novi Sad, which is organized by the Folk dance association ‘Martin György’ from Budapest. The members of the assembly are high school and university students and employed youth.

Apart from the adults’ folk dance assembly, there are two children’s assemblies, the ‘Garagulya’ and the ‘Krajcárka’. 20_2.jpg

The ‘Garagulya’ children’s dance assembly was established four years ago, its members are elementary school children. In 2005 they took part for the first time in the children’s dance contest called ‘Kőketánc’, where they won the third prize, and in 2007 they were the winners of it. In the same year they received a silver medal at the Interetno festival

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