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Csépe Days

The traditional events of the Imre Csépe memorial days, lasting from the beginning of September until the main event in the end of the month serve the promotion of quality and awareness of our cultural values.

The Aranyeső (Golden rain) competition of reciting poetry and prose started at the initiative of the poet Ferenc Fehér, who claimed that “the poems of Csépe are the golden rain of faithfulness”. Fehér kept caring for the competition of the cultivation of rhetoric, and the organizers have invited well-know writers to the jury. The first winners of the Aranyeső have become prominent figures of our cultural life.

The founders’ plans included building a Csépe memorial house in Kishegyes and setting up a scholarship for talented deprived students. Even if these weren’t accomplished, a street has been named in Kishegyes after Imre Csépe, and a memorial plaque placed on the wall of the library, which has been wreathed every year by prominent figures of our cultural life. Several books about the life and work of Imre Csépe have been published by the Forum and other publishing houses, and many publications in the Vojvodinian press. Scientific essays are central to the manifestation, the majority of which have been published in journals.

The final event of the program is usually an exhibition.

The Hungarian literary life of Vojvodina has never missed a year of holding this manifestation.

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Dombos Fest

The story of Dombos (Hillside) started at the beginning of the ‘90s with a literary volume, the Dombosi történetek (Hillside Stories), in which the authors tried to build a ficticious Kishegyes onto the real one inhabiting it with semi-real heroes. For instance, they made plans for a subway in kishegyes, a Formula 1 circuit, and other things totally unsuitable for Kishegyes.They simply tried to give a different dimension to the quite exasperating reality of their times

Hegyes days

In 2002 Kunhegyes started a sequence of programs that offer traditional, cultural, sport and gastronomic events. The participants are settlements with the second part “hegyes” in their names, such as Kishegyes, Bácsfeketehegy, Oromhegyes, Királyhegyes, Kunhegyes, Magyarbánhegyes, Mezőhegyes, Nagybánhegyes, Nagyhegyes.

The Hegyes Days are held in August every year

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